The Influence of TikTok

In the vast landscape of social media platforms, TikTok has become a breeding ground for creativity, entertainment, and influence, from viral dances to comedic sketches, cooking tutorials to political commentary. TikTok has shaken up the social media landscape by offering a platform centered around short-form video content. The popularity of this app has inspired others, like Instagram’s Reels and YouTube Shorts, to introduce such features. This short-form video app has swiftly captured the attention of millions worldwide, transcending borders, languages, and cultures. In 2024, TikTok counted approximately 28.68 million users aged 18 and above in Malaysia (Source: Datareportal).

TikTok’s algorithm is designed to promote discoverability, amplifying content that resonates with users’ preferences and interests. This has led to the rapid dissemination of trends, memes, and challenges, often propelled by influencers and celebrities. And yeah, if you’re a music lover, you should know #SupalonelyChallenge on TikTok. This virality not only entertains but also shapes popular music trends. 

TikTok has offered economic opportunities for content creators, musicians, and even businesses through partnerships, brand deals, and advertising revenue. Many users are able to monetize their TikTok presence and use it as a source of income.

The Presence of TikTok Live

Over the past three years, the trend towards live shopping has increased, primarily due to the Covid19 pandemic. With lockdowns and social distancing measures in place, many consumers turned to online shopping as a safer alternative to in-person retail. Live shopping has become a way for brands to replicate the in store experience via virtual channels, which provides consumers with an interactive and more engaging method of shopping at home. According to Statista, from before the pandemic to 2021, live stream purchasing grew by an average of 76% worldwide.

Like Taobao & Alibaba, the most popular platforms in China have been promoting live shopping to showcase products and interact with audiences. In 2021, the Chinese sister app of TikTok, Douyin, produced $119 billion in goods sales through live broadcasting on the site. Unsurprisingly, the rise of live shopping trends is closely intertwined with the growing presence of TikTok live streaming. TikTok Live enables users to broadcast live streaming to engage with followers in real time. Followers have the opportunity to engage with the host by leaving comments, giving likes, and sending virtual gifts. 

How TikTok Live Impacts The Brand

Live streaming has been popular among Malaysians sellers to jump into more opportunities. 40% of Malaysian sellers conduct their live sessions everyday. A survey found that on Shopee Live, Malaysians watched more than 34 million hours of livestreams and interacted with local influencer hosts 3.5 billion times. It indicates that Malaysian consumers are highly receptive to live shopping experiences and actively seek out opportunities to engage with brands and influencers in real-time. Other than that, 10% to 40% of overall platform orders are from live streaming orders. This demonstrates how successful live streaming is as a sales channel for boosting conversions and returning in money for both e-commerce platforms and sellers.

Why is TikTok Live The Right Choice For A Brand 

Interactive Engagement

Brands may interact and communicate with their viewers in real-time by using TikTok Live, which facilitates two-way communication. Also, brands may provide a personalized and engaging experience that builds up the relationship between the brand and its viewers. For example, Q&A sessions allow the viewers directly answering inquiries while the brand is more easily responding to comments and addressing issues.

Virality & Shareability

TikTok Live has the potential to go viral and connect with a larger audience than the company’s current fan base. Highlights from the live broadcast can be shared by viewers with their own followers, amplifying the brand’s message and content’s visibility and reach.

Community Building 

TikTok Live allows marketers to connect with their viewers by encouraging viewers to join together in sharing their excitement for the company and its offerings. Through interactive events, contests, and milestone celebrations, brands may use live streaming to develop a devoted and active fan base.


Viewers can buy virtual gifts and give money to the host during TikTok Live streams. These virtual gifts act as a kind of monetary support for the host and can be anything from stickers and emojis to more complex animations. During live streams, brands can encourage viewers to give virtual gifts, with a part of the earnings going to the brand. As viewers can buy virtual gifts in exchange for diamonds, brands will receive 50% of TikTok’s net income from these gifts. 

How Brand Leverages TikTok Live

Product Launch

With millions of active users globally, TikTok boasts a large and diverse user base. By leveraging TikTok Live, you may reach a wider audience and make your product launch more visible. Given the platform’s emphasis on shareability and algorithm-driven discovery features, TikTok content has a great potential for going viral. An effective TikTok Live broadcast can draw viewers from outside of your current fan base, which could enhance brand exposure and recognition.

Interactive Contest or Giveaway

TikTok Live’s interactive competitions give viewers an engaging and immersive experience. Through the use of interactive features like challenges, polls, and Q&A sessions, brands can keep the audience engaged throughout the entire live broadcast.

Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencers have an opportunity to interact personally with their audience by sharing their own stories and experiences on TikTok Live. Using the power of storytelling to build emotional connections and increase engagement with your target audience, it may incorporate a brand or product into the influencer’s live content in a genuine and realistic way.

Flash Sales

Flash sales stimulate customers’ sense of urgency and FOMO (fear of missing out) by offering unique deals and limited-time offers.  When hosted on TikTok Live, where content disappears after the broadcast ends, the urgency is heightened, prompting viewers to act quickly to take advantage of the offer.


Best Practices To Keep In Mind

Quick Check For Your Technical Equipment

Make sure you have a stable internet and clear audio. Keep the background noise to a minimum, maintain proper lighting and position your camera at the best angle. 

Be Real not BeReal

Be the original you. Do not compromise your integrity and authenticity to please the audience or gain popularity. If they believe you, they are more likely to connect with you. 

Engage, Engage and Engage

Try to make them feel valued and drive their interest throughout the broadcast. Avoid long periods of silence or monotony if you want to keep your viewers’ attention. Keep the momentum going! 


Final Thoughts

With TikTok Live, it offers endless opportunities for brands to showcase their products, connect with influencers, and drive sales. As live streaming continues to gain momentum, TikTok Live stands out as a valuable platform for brands to authentically engage with their audience, build brand loyalty, and stay at the forefront of digital marketing trends.